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Hi all! I'm Alice, I'm 18, and I'm the one who streams you. A few words about myself. My life is music and streaming. When I'm not broadcasting, my headphones are always with me. Music is my way to escape boredom. I love traveling, although the world is not the easiest place right now. But even in the most ordinary corners you can find something interesting. The camera is always ready so you can join my virtual journey. When I'm not on the road or on the air, I'm in the kitchen or knitting. Cooking and knitting are my ways to express myself. Experiments are not for me, but for you. Streaming is my new adventure. This is an opportunity to communicate with different people. We explore the world together, discuss music and just enjoy the moments. Thank you for your attention. Let's continue this together! 🌟

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Firstly, music is my inspiration. I explore new genres, curate playlists, and love exchanging tunes with you. It's not just background noise; it's a part of me, a way to express emotions. Traveling is another passion. Even if I can't jet off far, finding joy in everyday discoveries is my thing. My camera is always ready to capture beauty and share it with you.

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I'm not a fan of negativity and drama; they just bring unnecessary stress. Judgmental attitudes? Not my thing. I prefer a positive vibe. Routine and monotony? Boring! I crave excitement and variety. Dishonesty? Definitely not my cup of teaβ€”I value authenticity. Being constrained by rules and limitations stifles my adventurous spirit. I'm all about breaking free and embracing diverse experiences.

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